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Indra’s Net is a metaphor for the interconnection of all things.

Indra’s Networking uses this awareness to produce science materials for students: classes, books, videos, eBooks, lesson plans, and art.


Peace Through Science? How can science knowledge cultivate peace?


Inner Peace: Science gives us a deeper understanding of the universe and the self. Upon learning astronomy or the sheer volume of Earth history, you may conclude, that our lives are insignificant, however, in our universe, something as small as an atom has the power to change everything. Our thoughts, words, and actions interact on many levels to affect our bodies, minds, and ultimately the Earth. Science holds up the mirror for us to see that we are nature.


Environmental Peace: Feeling disconnected from nature fuels human and environmental suffering. Being conscious of our place in nature, we view environmental preservation as self-preservation. In that way, it becomes easier to prioritize protection of our collective ecology.


Societal Peace: The Human Genome Project has shown human DNA is 99.99% the same. Behavioral science can even explain why some humans’ tend to focus on the 0.01% difference. Science can widen perspectives and eradicate extremist positions. It allows one the experience and insight to see both sides of an issue.



Generational Peace: Did you know we can alter our genome, causing a cascade of effects that would not have materialized otherwise. This is not magic, but the work of our regulatory genes. Regulatory genes are switches that can be flipped with something as pervasive as stress. The fact that we can alter the expression of our genes, which is then passed along, is the best argument for embracing peace.

Science. The "S" word

Science, The “S” Word.

Defining Science: Science is a human activity. Humans are filled with curiosity, reason, and awareness; we are innovative, organized learners. Science can refer to a method or process, the vast collection of knowledge humans have been building about nature, or a common standard of units, symbols, and classification. The Scientific method is a formalization of the learning process, where quantitative data can be extracted and analyzed. Through a hypothesis, a testable prediction, an experiment can be carefully designed to show cause and effect relationships; when one factor is carefully manipulated, and all others intentionally kept the same, the outcome will measure that specific factor with more certainty. Scientific experiments are repeated and checked by other scientists either in competition or cooperation. Results that are replicable are considered valid.



Humans have created scientific theories as a way of organizing isolated facts into an explanation.If this theory has been proven to accurately predict or describe the events in our environment, they can become laws.The laws of the natural world effect all people, equally. Science has limitations to its ability to describe nature. As a human activity, it is bound by our limited human senses and minds, abilities, opportunities, and position. Science is not able to discuss topics that are not testable, reproducible, unobservable, or subjective.

Poetic Empiricist’s Peace Through Science Self-Paced Manual is a 100 page workbook. It contains the complete versions of Poetic Empiricist’s Differences in Time (2013) and Thought Sparks Fire (2015). It’s designed to be an academic and spiritual program. 

Like the two main books it contains, it combines science, psychology, philosophy, history, self-help, and emotional health in a personal way. Through the various readings (and or videos), readers are better equipped to consider difficult
questions about themselves. This program draws from materials I created for Poetic Empiricist and my Vintage Learners classes. The goal is 
to deliver peace and acceptance through deeper knowledge of the universe and the self. This program was created from the deepest desire to serve the reader in a positive and impactful way.

Twenty-six videos curated to cover a range of science topics, utilizing passages from Poetic Empiricist books and blog.