Poetic Empiricist

WHAT’S AN EMPIRICIST? Empirical and experimental are synonyms. Science is empirical by design; it uses reason, experimentation, and observation to test hypotheses. An empiricist is someone who is empirical.

15 Books and Videos to Teach Peace Through Science

10th Anniversary 10 Minute Overview of “Differences in Time”

10 year anniversary collections arranged by subject.

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Playlist videos are grouped by comprehension level.

Bears in the Moss (2012) A brightly illustrated, biology based book about incredibly tough tardigrades, or water bears.


Space Trip (2012) A boy with outer space ambitions learns the logistics of space travel.


Our Loving Chemistry (2019) explains the bonds formed between mother and infant and the miraculous role of oxytocin.

Plate Puzzles (2012) explains and illustrates the mechanics behind plate tectonics.


Parsimony’s Disguise: Fractals (2014) uncovers the simple way nature designs complexity.


My Brother’s Talks (2015) An ongoing series of short science stories started here with topics such as bullying, puberty, conflict resolution, brain health, commensal organisms, death, and the scientific method.


In a Whale’s Tail (2018) explores vestigial features and fossils, as well as evolution and speciation.

Together They Match the Moonlight (2018) is a beautifully illustrated book about the mutualistic relationship of a specific squid and bacteria which achieve bioluminescence.


Your Weight in Gold (2019) is another story based on the characters from My Brother’s Talks where the idea of intrinsic value is examined for the sake of consumerism and self.


Good Words for Plants (2019) describes the nature of plants, our reliance on them, and interactions with them.

My Brother’s Still Talking (2019) a couple more science stories about invertebrates, training fish, and the science behind humor.


Day 70 Design (2019) describes how we all went from a single cell to a highly developed fetus in the first 70 days of our development.

Differences in Time (2013) begins with the formation of the universe and solar system, it details Earth’s history, sequences through the unfolding of diverse life, and explores what it is to be human.


Thought Sparks Fire (2015) This short epilogue of Differences in Time examines similarities between quantum physics, spirituality, and certain religious teachings.