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Be Ready for College! For over fifteen years, hundreds of adults have completed college prerequisite courses through Vintage Learners. These prerequisites were designed to remove obstacles, not be stumbling blocks. They are effective preparation for college. When surveyed, former students report Vintage Learners helped acclimate them to the rigor of their college courses. Developed and taught by Master’s level science and math teachers, all courses are copyrighted and comply with Pennsylvania high school standards.

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Each of the online science and math courses can be completed in a few weeks. The benefits of online classes are numerous: students work around their own schedule, complete work at their own pace, and learn in a comfortable environment. The tests and assignments are designed to be open note. Most students do very well and help is just an email away. Read student reviews.

Main Course Offerings

Algebra 1:

You’ll begin with a quick review of rational and irrational numbers, operations, fractions, and conversions, before moving onto pre-algebra topics like algebraic expressions and equations. Algebra topics such as proportions, graphing, slope-intercept equations, inequalities in one and two-variables, and systems of linear equations are also taught.

Biology: (A Two Part Course)

Ecology: Why Does Everyone Want To Be Green? This half of biology covers high school ecology standards, including earth cycles, food webs, biomes, branches of life, and the impact of humans on earth. Building Blocks of Life, the second half, covers human anatomy and physiology topics: biochemistry, cells, tissues, organs, organ system, genetics, and health issues.

Chemistry: (Two Part Course)

What You Can Learn from the Periodic Table, the first half of chemistry, covers all topics related to the periodic table: atoms, elements, atomic and mass number, the mole, molar mass, valance and bond formation. There is very little math in this first half. The Math of Chemistry, the second half, covers the math*: writing and balancing formulas, molarity, gas laws, and stoichiometry. (*less rigorous than algebra 1)

Add-On Courses

Bio Foundations of Psychology: This class is a continuation of the biology course. It looks at the anatomy and function of all regions of the brain in regards to such topics as: sleep, hunger and thirst, the senses, language, movement, emotion, learning and memory, personality, intelligence, social and cultural psychology, as well as psychological disorders.


College Ready Learners: This five-unit course helps prepare you for the next step. You’ll uncover your learning style, learn study skills, test taking strategies, and healthy habits related to stress and time-management.

How This Works

Vintage Learner classes are open enrollment. Simply pay the course(s) fee and you’re on your way.


Courses will be emailed to you, half a class at a time.


Course materials are in Microsoft Word and Power Point formats. If you don’t have Microsoft Office, you can download a free trial version or Open Office (a free platform program that’s compatible with Microsoft files).


Course fees must be paid before starting, no refunds or exceptions.

Algebra ……………………………..$250.00*


Biology ……………………………..$250.00*


Chemistry …………………………$250.00*


Bio Psych …………………………..$150.00


Study Skills ………………………..$50.00


*Multiple Classes With Discount: Two classes $475. Three classes $700.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I get help? You need not wait until you are frustrated before asking for help. Contact me with all your questions via email at; within a day (usually a few hours) I will respond with an answer. Please be specific in your questions and if at all possible include any work you have begun on the problem.
  1. How are my assignments graded? Assignments should be submitted as an email attachment or pictures (of handwritten work). Usually, assignments will be graded within a day. The grading scale is the standard 100-90 A, 89-80 B, 79-70 C. (Grades below a C will not be sent on to your chosen college, as they won’t be accepted.)
  1. How will my school be notified? Once all assignments are complete, I will email you about which college(s) you will be attending and any admissions counselors you may be working with. I then email the admission counselors at your school with your letter grade in the course(s). A copy of this email will be directly sent to you as well. Please keep this as a permanent record of you completing the course(s). However, I am just an email away, should you ever need the grades emailed to additional colleges in the future.
  1. Does this change my permanent high school record? These classes are in no way meant to change a permanent high school record. They are a prerequisite to the college program you are choosing to apply to. However, the classes are equivalent in content to a year of high school Chemistry, Biology or Algebra.
  1. What is the recommended order to complete all three classes at once? I would recommend starting the Biology at the same time as the Algebra. If you finish the Biology before the Algebra, start the first section of Chemistry. By the time the Algebra and the first part of Chemistry are finished, you will have a much easier time with the “Math of Chemistry”.
  1. What is the length of the classes? There is no timeline to the courses; you work at your own pace. Ideally you will finish in ten weeks, but you can always work a bit faster or slower. If you have not completed the course within 18 months, you will have to pay a re-enrollment fee of $100 per class.

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